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Rudd Fire Protection is a fire protection company in Tyler, Texas that delivers superb fire sprinkler installation, maintenance, and repair solutions to our customers in East Texas. By providing exceptional value to the individuals and businesses we serve, we are able to ensure the protection of both lives and property every day we operate.

We established our company to provide our residential and commercial customers with fast and reliable customer service regarding their need for fire protection systems in East Texas. A major benefit of working with Rudd includes our innate ability to provide thorough, round-the-clock service at the highest level of workmanship.

Through our business, our goal is to eliminate your need to contact multiple service companies when it comes to total fire protection. We can design, install, and inspect any form of water based fire protection system in your home or business and we have industry partners that we can work with to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all of you fire protection needs. We strive to offer you a high value for your dollar and timely solutions.

Thanks to our highly knowledgeable and competent team, Rudd Fire Protection provides East Texans with safety, peace of mind, and returns on your investments. As a leader in the fire protection industry in Tyler, Texas, we want to be your go-to professionals when it comes to protecting your home or business against the threat of fire.

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